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Spring is the Season of Growth and Renewal

Spring brings about many changes and here at Rising Bread, we’re excited to unveil a few of our own. Beginning this Friday, we’re introducing color-coded labels to streamline identification of our bread offerings. Our foundation loaves will feature green labels, while...

New Heritage Grain Varieties!

We’ve recently completed our test bakes and are excited to introduce three new 60% whole grain heritage grain sourdough loaves: Organic Durum Sourdough, Organic Einkorn Sourdough, and Organic Black Emmer Sourdough. Rich in nutrients and dietary fiber, they are...

We’re Back!

After some well deserved rest, the Rising Bread team is back in action and producing naturally leavened, long fermented sourdough for you and your family to enjoy.  We spent some of our down time test baking a few new varieties that we’ll be announcing soon so stay...

Happy Easter!

As Easter approaches, we at Rising Bread want to extend our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones. We hope this joyous occasion fills your home with laughter, love, and plenty of 100% sourdough bread! Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your holiday...

Winter Returns!

As you are all are aware, we are facing two weather systems moving through the area on Friday and Sunday. To help ensure you are able to stock up with fresh, 100% sourdough before the snow flies on both weather events, we are altering our schedule and will be...

Fermentation is Our Friend

You won’t see time on our ingredient list, but fermentation plays a very important role in crafting our 100% sourdough breads.  Our long and natural fermentation process offers numerous benefits for both flavor and nutrition. During fermentation, wild yeast and...

Why Stone Milling is Important

Stone milling plays an important role in our bread production and following on from our last post, we’ll be talking about some of the benefits of using stone milled flour in our sourdough production. The stone milling process delivers an unparalleled quality of flour...

Who said healthful and nutritious can’t taste great?

We’ve been getting more flattering feedback from new and established customers this past month, telling us how much they are enjoying our “tasty and flavorful bread”.  While everybody finds delicious food satisfying, it’s equally satisfying to know that the food...

Variety is the Spice of Life 

This week we’ve got another selection of healthy, flavorful breads for you to enjoy. Hints of warm spice with our Organic Cinnamon Oatmeal, savory Provolone Herb, and the deliciously sweet Fig Walnut. All are customer favorites, so if you haven’t had the opportunity...

S𝗮𝘃𝗼𝗿𝘆 𝗚𝗼𝗼𝗱𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀

After last week’s sweet Valentines treat, how about something for those who love a savory taste profile? This week’s specialty loaf is a customer favorite, Kalamata Olive and Rosemary. A little sourdough tang, the brininess of Kalamata olives and a subtle fragrance of...

About Rising Bread...

We are a licensed micro bakery based in River Falls, Wisconsin, dedicated to hand crafting naturally leavened and long fermented breads. We are committed to developing and producing the highest quality baked goods supporting good health.

Quality, Local Ingredients

We use locally sourced, organic flours and source as many of our other ingredients locally as possible. We do not use commercial yeast, added sugar, dough conditioners, preservatives or additives in our hearth breads, and we never will.

Process and Time

We embrace the traditional sourdough bread making process, meaning all of our breads are naturally leavened and long fermented, anywhere from 48 hours to 60 hours. Our long fermentation process ensures that the bread we bake is easily digestible, makes the nutrients more easily absorbed by the body, and incredibly flavorful. 

Healthy, Delicious Products

Our proprietary blends of organic, stone ground whole grain flours combined with our own natural leavening and long fermentation processes yield highly nutritional, flavorful breads. It’s hard work, but we take these extra measures to ensure our breads are the healthiest, most flavorful, and highest quality available for you and your family to enjoy.

Organic flour

Great bread starts with organic, freshly milled, flavorful and healthy grains. We exclusively use flours that are stone milled which preserves the rich flavor and nutritional value of the grain.

Visit regularly for updates

We’ll be showcasing our offerings, sharing tips on enjoying our products and so much more. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram too!

We use the finest local ingredients available

 Whether it is whole grain flour from Wisconsin organic farms or cheese from local Wisconsin producers, we use the finest ingredients available and source them from local  producers whenever possible.

jalapeño jack

Local jalapeño peppers and Ellsworth’s pepper jack cheese give a nice bite to one of our more popular loaves

olive and rosemary

Kalamata olives and rosemary deliver a taste sensation and flavor profile that keeps customers coming back for more.

polenta and herbs

Organic, finely ground yellow flint corn polenta combined with flavorful herbs helps to deliver a sumptuous loaf.

Crafting Great bread

Great bread is the product of superior ingredients, precise process and hard work. Here at Rising Bread, we are on a relentless mission to develop and deliver the healthiest, highest quality products for our customers.

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