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The best sourdough bread I’ve ever tasted! Looking forward to trying all the different varieties.

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and moved here 16 years ago. SF was supposedly “famous” for their sourdough bread. I hadn’t had any decent sourdough bread since I moved here. That is until I found Rising Bread! It beats all the bread I ever ate in SF or anywhere else.

So far I’ve tried 3 different types and loved them all, especially the raisin-walnut & also the cranberry-walnut, but you can’t beat the organic stoneground bread! Didn’t think I could be so excited about bread, but I was wrong  🙂

Denny M.

June 2023

So glad we will have an authentic sourdough bakery in River Falls! Yahoo!

Prescott B.

April 2023

The BEST! I purchased this week at Whole Earth Market Co-op. This bread is a family favorite and disappears very quickly in our house!

Brianne R.

November 2023

Hi, Just want you to know how much I love your bread. I hope to make it back your way again in Menomonie before the snow flies! Bless you on your journey!

Kathleen L.

August 2022

We love your bread; it has become our bread of choice. We’re so grateful that you have continued to come to Menomonie through the winter months.

Naomi C.

January 2023

Last Wednesday I was blessed to find a loaf of your herb focaccia at the Whole Earth Co-op. It is the most delicious bread I have had in a long time!  Thank you for adding such a delicious bread to my life 🙂

Marcia L.

October 2023

Thank you for making such awesome bread !!

Barb N.

June 2023

I have enjoyed ALL of the varieties of bread that you have lovingly crafted and offered at the farmers’ market.

Karen B.

February 2023

Your pizza crusts are the best.

Ted M.

September 2023

This is the only bread we eat!

Lyn K.

June 2023

Love your bread, pizza crusts!

Suzette W.

June 2023

We also tried the Focaccia sourdough last week and I love it! We ate the whole loaf and I see you’re bringing it back this week. Yippee! We also make French toast with the Fig-Walnut or the Cranberry-Walnut. DELICIOUS! 

Denise M.

October 2023

I just bought your bread in Eau Claire for the first time. It is delicious!! Thank you so much

Linda T.

July 2023

 Thanks to all of valued customers for sharing their feedback!

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