Growing up in the midwest, holiday meals were cherished events and one thing I always looked forward to were bread rolls fresh out of the oven. Back then, the rolls that Mom took out of a tube, baked in the oven and served up warm with salted butter were a treat. 

Today we still love oven fresh rolls, but we are far more discerning when it comes to what we eat. Organic, preservative-free ingredients, natural leavening and long fermentation, and perhaps most importantly, a truly healthy product with superior flavor are now “must haves”.  Once you enjoy our very own Organic Sourdough Rolls, there will be no going back to the “out of a tube and into the oven” or “factory made” varieties. Mom may no longer be with us, but we’re confident she’d give her enthusiastic approval to the wholesome, healthy goodness of our 100% sourdough rolls.

Be sure to give them a try. We only produce them during the holidays, so treat yourself and your guests and make them a new tradition on your table this holiday season.

You can get our Organic Sourdough Rolls at the following venues: Whole Earth Market CO-OP, Menomonie Market Food CO-OP, Menomonie Market Food CO-OP (Eau Claire) and River Market Community CO-OP.  Visit our website and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to see our weekly menus. 

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